20130627-100647.jpgAt Hyde Park Baptist & The Quarries Church we are about to embark on a 5 week journey.  The new sermon series “Successful Strategies for Spiritual Growth” begins Sunday January 5.

To assist you on a daily basis I am going to add daily Blog entries of Scripture readings and other helps beginning Monday January 6, 2014. Since not everyone is at the same place in spiritual development the daily plans are offered in “Tracks” based on your current spiritual readiness. You choose the track that most closely represents your life today. World-wide-Railroad-Railway-Track-new-and-Old-picture-24
-The Express Track is for beginners who are just starting the devotional habit.
-The Advanced Track is for those who are already accustomed to a daily devotional.
-The Challenge Track is an aggressive plan to read the entire New Testament in 5 weeks.
There will also be prayer plans, a Scripture memory plan, sermons, devotionals, inspirational quotes and other helps and tips to help you grow on all of the tracks! It all starts Sunday January 5, 2014. Check back here January 6 for the first installment. More explanation will follow on Monday. Let’s all get on board with spiritual growth in 2014!



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