I read the Bible everyday and I read about the Bible everyday! It’s a great life actually- I get to do what I love to do so each day when I go to work, it never seems like work. Of course there is a good bit more to ministry than Bible study but without the Word I would be useless. Imagine a family coming to plan a funeral and there was no Bible- what could I say? If a couple was having marriage problems and I could offer no words from God, what authority would my opinions carry for guidance? None. If I speak to an unbeliever who is wondering if there is a God, and I had no Bible, what good would I be? I would be as confused as the one I was trying to help! THE BIBLE IS THE HEART OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE-BECAUSE NOTHING ELSE REVEALS TO US THE MIND AND HEART OF GOD. ~jkb


Express: John 21

Advanced: John 20; 1 Corinthians 7; 1 Timothy 3

Challenge: Revelation 14; Matthew 17-20; Hebrews 1-2


“To open the Bible is to open a window toward Jerusalem, as Daniel did (6:10), no matter where our exile may have taken us.” ~ N T Wright 

“Our Christian conviction is that the Bible has both authority and relevance, and that the secret of both is Jesus Christ.” ~ John R W Stott

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