“Give us this day our daily bread.” (Matthew 6:1)

Daily bread” in the Model Prayer clearly refers to food but can also refer to the myriad of other needs we face every day. We need more than bread in life, but our constant need for food naturally symbolizes our human dependence on what God provides. Aren’t you glad our Lord knows what we need? In fact, He insists we ask Him to meet our needs. Whatever you need, you can pray about it. God uses our natural hunger and other needs in life to train us

#36 in prayer. Our emptiness drives us to the One Who can fill us. “All I have needed, Thy hand hath provided; Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!” (Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Thomas O. Chisholm)


🔷 WE ARE READING THE ENTIRE NEW TESTAMENT IN 31 DAYS- Don’t stop- wherever you are in the process, keep going.  You can do it! 

♦️Day 13: John 9 – 15

➡️ DON’T FORGET tomorrow, Sunday, January 14 – we welcome Dr. Joseph Kim from Seoul, S. Korea, who will speak at all English services at Hyde Park Baptist/The Quarries Church that morning! Dr. Kim is the pastor of a large Baptist church, conducting 16 services every Sunday to accommodate a congregation of 4500! Pastor Kim will challenge us to pray to live and live to pray! 

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