Jim Cymbala once said, “The Church didn’t start when someone was preaching. The church started when someone was praying!” On the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit fell upon a praying church in the upper room. In that moment, the church, as we know it, was born. Have you ever noticed how Acts 2 begins? “When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place.” (Acts 2:1). Did you notice they were “together in one place”? In other words, they were “together, together!” A prayer meeting brought them together in unity. Prayer still unifies the church today. In prayer, racial differences disappear. When we pray with other believers, our denominations are secondary issues. When we pray with people from other nations, prayer makes us feel like family. Today, as you pray remember- believers from every nation are calling out to the same God in prayer. Prayer unifies us! 55555A8C-2743-4895-A31F-B915F292E152


🔷 Congratulations- today we complete our challenge to read the entire New Testament in 31 Days! If you are behind in your reading  don’t be discouraged but don’t stop until you finish! God bless you.

♦️ Day 31: Revelation 13 – 21

2 thoughts on “PRAYER UNIFIES US! (Day 31)

  1. …and, when the day of Rapture arrives, they will be “all together in one place”, once again! Shall we call this the great “Air Meeting”? 😄 Amen & Hallelujah!!

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