(August 2- August 22, 2020)

During the Covid-19 Global Pandemic millions of Americans have stopped reading the Bible! ( In response to this development, at Hyde Park Baptist and The Quarries Church in Austin, Texas, I have issued the BIBLE READING CHALLENGE 2020. You will find the reading guide below. 

The chapters are some of the shortest you will find in the Bible so no one can argue they don’t have time to read the Bible daily. Even if you join late, you can easily catch up. Daily Bible reading can produce powerful results in your life so accepting this challenge can do nothing but help you.  (State of the Bible 2018: Seven Top Findings – Barna Group) Thanks for accepting the challenge!


Day 1, -1 John 1 (August 2)

Day 2, -1 John 2

Day 3, -1 John 3

Day 4,- 1 John 4

Day 5, – 1 John 5

Day 6, – Psalm 120

Day 7, – Psalm 121

Day 8,- Psalm 122

Day 9,- Psalm 123

Day 10,-Psalm 124

Day 11,-Psalm 125

Day 12,-Psalm 126

Day 13,-Psalm 127

Day 14, -Psalm 128

Day 15,- Ephesians 1

Day 16,-Ephesians 2

Day 17,-Ephesians 3

Day 18,-Ephesians 4

Day 19,-Ephesians 5

Day 20,- Ephesians 6

Day 21,-Jude (August 22)

Feel free to share this blog and the challenge with others! 


2 thoughts on “THE BIBLE READING GUIDE (2020)

  1. Thanks, Dr. Bowman! I gladly accept the challenge. Esther Wade

    BTW: I sure do miss all of you. It’s going to be wonderful in Heaven, no parting and Jesus at the helm.

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