OK, you’ve tried before. The last few times might not have worked out but your intentions and instincts were right so you should definitely start again. Reading the Bible everyday is worth it.

You need a manageable goal. One chapter a day is a good place to begin. Allow 10-15 minutes per day. It will probably take even less time most days but give yourself the margin.

Let’s start with one month in mind. The gospel of John has 21 chapters. Starting today you will complete the entire book in 3 weeks by reading one chapter a day. After that, read the six chapters of Ephesians. To round out the first successful month of your daily Bible reading habit, read the little but powerful book of 2 Thessalonians.

There are 2 things to think about in choosing a Bible. First, I recommend a modern language translation. I use the English Standard Version because it reads well and it’s more literal than the popular NIV. Some other version might  work better for you. No matter which Bible you choose, I recommend you use the same one each day so you can feel familiar with it.

The second thing to keep in mind is whether to choose a digital or a traditional paper Bible. Both have advantages. A digital Bible is more convenient since it can be stored on your phone. A traditional paper Bible is easier to see “at a glance” if you’re following a daily reading plan. I also find a traditional paper Bible easier to keep notes in than the excellent digital options available. Eventually, you will want both at your disposal- I go back and forth between the two depending on the need- but this month you’re getting a habit started. Choose the best for you and stick with it.

There won’t be a quiz at the end! Too often I have seen believers worry they should know more, or they feel internally pressured to find “deep” revelation every time they read God’s word. Stop worrying and start reading. God will speak to us sometimes in dramatic ways and more often in gentle whispers to our conscience. He can handle that part. For now, don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself. Why should you? If you’re reading daily, you are doing great!

Our goal right now is to get started and to keep going. So read without overly stressing out if you don’t understand a name, geographic reference, or even a concept. Keep reading and God will speak to you in His own way and His own timing. img_0627

Finally, feel free to write yourself notes in the Bible or a notebook to keep track of your questions, thoughts, and moments of inspiration. Try to maintain a daily schedule but if you miss a day, start over where you left off. It takes time and consistency to develop a new habit.

Don’t worry about next month. Just get started.  Start today.



  1. I wake up very early in the morning (4:10-4:15am) and I have ample time to follow this plan to pray and read scripture. Thank you Kie.

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