In his excellent book, Breakthrough Prayer, Jim Cymbala discusses the importance of developing an attentive heart in prayer. He uses the biblical example of young Samuel listening for the Lord’s voice as a model for our prayer lives. When Samuel said, “…Speak for your servant hears…” (1 Samuel 3:10), he revealed the secret God is after. An attentive, willing heart is what we need in order to hear God. Today, as you pray, listen for the voice of God. “Whoever gives thought to the word will discove#12r good,
and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord.” (Proverbs 16:20)


🔷 How are you doing in your reading as we read the entire New Testament in 31 Days? No matter where you are, don’t give up- the New Testament isn’t getting any longer- you can do this- just keep reading!

♦️Day 17: Acts 16 – 21

➡️ REMEMBER OUR “DAY OF PRAYER” is the 18th of every month- we cover the clock every 30 minutes for 24 hours – that begins tonight at midnight! Go to hpbc.org/2418 for prayer guides and more info!

1 thought on “A LISTENING HEART (Day 17)

  1. I have been loving every minute of this structured, corporate reading plan! Sunday threw me off schedule since we had church, but caught up now!

    1. Knowing my church family is doing the same gives such a feeling of togetherness. And, actually not even “feeling” because it is a reality of togetherness. Being “one” in the Spirit with my church family is a great comfort, and levels up the degree of love for one another. This is unifying the HPBC body of Believers. Love that!

    2. I read all the chapters in one sitting. This has given me a better sense of the emotions and attitudes of the people and atmosphere. I almost can feel in my spirit all the acrimony, the love, the defiance, the passion, the aha moments, the ignorance, the “timing” of Jesus, etc. It is quite exciting! Especially, being able to feel it.

    Thank you, Pastor, for constructing this, and leading us into unity as a corporate body of Believers. Most excellent!

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