Congratulations-you’re following the advise of Jesus! One day He was challenged by His critics because His disciples didn’t fast. He reminded them the disciples were with Him and didn’t need to fast. He compared Himself to a Bridegroom at a wedding and His disciples were like the friends of the Bridegroom. That’s not a time to fast-it’s a time to celebrate and rejoice! But Jesus knew He was going back to Heaven soon and things would be different for the disciples at that time. He said, “The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast in that day” (Mark 2:20). Did you notice Jesus said while He is away, “they WILL fast.” Since He has not returned yet, we live in “that day.” Because we are His disciples, it’s clear we “will fast” in fulfillment of His prediction.
So, let me encourage you in your fast- you’re doing God’s will. He’s going to help you.
Fasting Concept
1) While fasting drink a lot of water.
2) During the times when you would normally be eating, spend that time reading the Word and praying. Remember, fasting means the least amount of food and the most amount of prayer! 
3) Fast for a purpose– expect a breakthrough, an answer, a spiritual insight, or direction for a decision you’ve been wrestling with.
We have tools to help you achieve your spiritual goals. For instance, you can find multiple prayer guides to help you pray by going to For encouraging, brief, daily devotionals during the 40 DAYS follow me on Twitter at @KieBowman. I will be posting a new devotion written by 40 different Christian leaders every morning during the 40 Day fast. In addition, I’m going to post an encouraging, practical blog – like this one- at least once a week here at
One of our reasons for calling the 40 day fast is to increase our effectiveness in prayer for the “one” on our list who is far from God. Pray for your “one” to have an open heart to the Gospel. Pray for other believers to influence their lives at work, school, or home. Pray your “one” attends the Ronnie Hill Harvest September 15-18. Ask God to help you be ready to engage your “one” in spiritual conversations. Be bold when you pray for the lost!
I want to encourage you with one last thing- you’re not alone! Several people have signed up to fast on your day. You CAN do this!