There’s a prayer movement happening in the Capital City of Texas. Last winter we sensed the Lord’s leadership to pray 24 hours a day for one week. We announced the vision at a January pastor’s prayer retreat and half the churches needed volunteered immediately.
This week, September 28-October 4, we did it. Seven churches in Austin, Texas took a single step of radical obedience to pray non-stop for 24 hours for 7 days. Today is day 7 and Hyde Park Baptist Church is “on the wall.”
The churches and pastors who prayed 24X7 are:
1) Northwest Fellowship (Trey Kent)
2) Austin Reconciliation Church (Abraham C. Perez)
3) River in the Hills Church (Kyle Hubbart)
4) Hill Country Bible Church (Tim Hawks)
5) Capital City Church (Blaise Raccuglia)
6) Austin Christian Fellowship (Will Davis, Jr.)
7) Hyde Park Baptist Church (Kie Bowman)
Why did we do it? For one thing, we think Jesus is worth it. He deserves and expects unceasing prayer (1 Thessalonians 5:17).
In addition, the city we love needs prayer. Our families need prayer. Our churches need prayer. Crying out “day and night” to change circumstances and alter history is the plain teaching of Jesus (Luke 18:7).
Finally, we undertook this step of testimony and obedience because we believe what Jesus said when He declared, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations” (Mark 11:17). We don’t function as houses of prayer by merely believing in prayer, preaching on prayer, or having a church prayer list. We are houses of prayer when we pray.
What will happen as a result of this week? That’s in God’s hands but those who participated will never forget it and have already received a blessing. Prayer, after all is, in some ways, it’s own reward because when we pray we’re talking with God and that’s always a good thing.
Where will it lead? Again, it’s in God’s hands but Charles Spurgeon once said, “He who prays much will pray more and he who prays little will pray less.” In other words, prayer leads to more prayer. In fact, we agree with Samuel Chadwick who said, “The greatest answer to prayer is more prayer!”
There’s no shortage of prayer requests. The needs are everywhere. I encourage everyone reading this message to join the prayer movement. How? First, make prayer the priority of your spiritual life. Next, find another follower of Christ who values prayer and spiritual growth like you do and start meeting together for prayer. Ask God to lead you to others in your city with the same passion. Pray for and encourage your pastor. The prayer movement is already happening- God will place you in it where He can best use you.
You can can join us at Hyde Park Baptist Church, Austin, Texas anytime today or tonight, Friday October 4-7am Saturday October 5, 2019.